We focus on our clients' wealth creation,
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Our unique approach and personal service has gained us a faithful following, with over 75% of new clients being introduced to us by existing clients.

No two Full Circle clients are the same. Having said that, they do share some important characteristics. They are successful, can afford to invest a substantial sum of money or have the potential for doing so, and they believe that the best way to grow money is not to lose any.

They can’t accept the ponderous, passive management of funds provided by the major investment companies which suggests losses should be absorbed until in the long term the tide turns and gains are made. They prefer the more nimble approach of our active management which allows us to spot changing primary trends and move swiftly to prevent losses and find investments with greater potential.

Steering clients through economic uncertainty

John Robson and Andrew Selsby talk to Adrian Mills about the origins of the business,
their roles as portfolio managers and the principles that underpin their investment approach.

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So, who are these people?

The high flyers and rising stars

These are usually professional people such as highly paid executives with ambition and a great deal of responsibility but little time to devote to the management of their own personal investment programme.

The explorers and adventurers

This group are typically people running their own businesses, who understand that the foundations for building growth are laid by protecting the bottom line but that you get nowhere if you stand still.

Charities and trusts

Few people have a better understanding of the need for wealth preservation as well as wealth generation, especially at a time when the economic downturn will affect the good work they do and activities they fund.

The successfully retired

After a working life spent successfully building an adequate sum to fund a comfortable retirement, they understand the need to protect it and ensure it continues to grow.

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