John Robson, Chairman

“Everyday I ask myself the same question:
have the rules of the game changed”

John began his financial career in 1954 when he joined Friends Provident and has since that time accumulated extensive and highly valuable business and investment experience. John holds the Financial Planning Certificate and Investment Management Certificate.

Following a business career involving personal experience of vastly changing conditions, John has devoted over 30 years to studying and researching investment markets and how they interact with economic conditions.

He is quoted as saying that his continuing immersion in financial charts and the developing financial news is what helps him to recognise key moments. It is rather like listening to a new piece of music never heard before but knowing immediately when a musician strikes a wrong note. Those ‘wrong notes’ are crucial to his perception of major changes in “the rules of the game”. It is invariably the case that the behaviour of markets at key turning points is counter intuitive; only immersion in what is going on, he says, will ensure the recognition of such significant moments.


These days you will find John spending more time with his family and tending to his garden but he maintains a feverent interest in market trends and economic data.



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