Wealth preservation is the foundation of wealth generation.

Here at Full Circle we’ve developed a unique investment approach built around our core belief of putting wealth preservation above unnecessary risk. Our approach is designed to expose our clients to opportunities that we believe will deliver healthy investment returns whilst, at the same, time, applying a monitoring process that minimises the risk of unacceptable losses. It’s an approach has at its core five key investment principles:

The Full Circle Investment Philosophy.

John Robson and Andrew Selsby discuss the principles that underpin Full Circle's investment
approach and the experiences that have shaped their thinking.

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The principles that underpin our Investment approach

Active Management

Full Circle has an exceptionally meticulous, hands-on approach to investment management. We are one of the few investment managers to monitor every single holding in our clients’ portfolios every single day . . .

In addition, we research the markets thoroughly, keeping track of them on an hour by hour basis to identify potential threats as much as to spot new opportunities. Most importantly we aren’t afraid to act swiftly and take action based upon our findings – even if that means flying in the face of conventional wisdom.

Asset Class Allocation

It is conventional for many advisers to believe that some investments are traditionally less risky than others and that diversifying and investing in a variety of assets immediately minimises the risk and increases the chance of long-term growth . . .

We invest across all asset classes, but we believe that any asset class can expose our clients to great risk at certain times and offer massive opportunities at others. It is our function to ensure that portfolios are exposed to the right investments at the right time.

Stop Losses

The traditional approach to investment management not only dictates that one has a diverse portfolio but that those investments are retained through the good and the bad times. Losses are to be absorbed in the short term in the belief that in the long term they will recover and make gains . . .

This is passive management. To the contrary, we actively seek to ensure our clients’ portfolios are protected against loss. That’s why we monitor the markets so closely; to spot changing primary trends and move swiftly to reduce portfolio risk and find investments with greater potential.

Our Benchmark for Success

For many fund managers the benchmark for the success of an investment is peer performance. They become obsessed with what everyone else is doing and are afraid to act differently as there is less risk in being wrong with the crowd than being right on your own . . .

But as a result, if everyone elses' fund has fallen in value by at least 20%, they believe they’ve been successful if their fund has only fallen by 18% - which is nonsense of course. So, our only measure of success is if, over the medium term, we outperform cash on deposit.

Independence & Transparency

Full Circle are a privately-owned, independent wealth management firm. We are not tied to any financial institution. We have full discretion to invest our clients’ money and don’t wish to limit our choice of funds or asset classes.

An investment manager should be remunerated on a fee basis. That way, Full Circle are able to take an honest 360° view of investment opportunities and choose those which will maximise returns for clients based on our own research, experience, and judgement. To provide extra peace of mind we use undoubted third party custodians to hold clients' assets.

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